3 Jan

Having been a teacher, you get used to certain buzzwords. ‘Assessment for Learning’, that kind of bollocks. Anyway, tonight has seen me attend my first Slimming World session and they have their fair selection of keywords too. ‘Target’ being one of them. It made me chuckle.

Oh, and Nigel is dead.


Archer Watch

3 Jan

Today is an exciting day in Ambridge – the BBC have been bigging up something to ‘Shake Ambridge To The Core’ #SATTC in honour of their 60 years anniversary. I’m relatively new to The Archers, only been listening for the last year or so, but it’s pretty easy to keep up with.

I’ve not actually listened to the big episode yet…..we’ve had people round for dinner, very grown up. We won at Articulate.

Off to bed with iPlayer….


Guilty Pleasures

1 Jan

New Year what? Pah – hate it. Moving on.

Guilty pleasures…….currently munching through a tube of Pringles (that one pop malarky is true) watching a re-run of Downton Abbey. I have many guilty pleasures. So many in fact that they probably aren’t that ‘guilty’ anymore. I love chocolate. I am a chocoholic. I hear you laugh. So did my GP when I told him. He stopped laughing when I told him that I’d eaten a whole Terry’s Chocolate Orange that morning before 8am. It’s like smoking. Any smokers out there know that they have that first drag in the morning and all is right with the world. Chocolate was the same for me.

As of Monday I’m coming off the chocolate. Monday because I’ve got a dinner party tomorrow night, and no dinner party is complete without After 8′s. So there it is.

Other guilty pleasures include Glee, fish finger sandwiches, period dramas (see above) and generally being lazy.

I have a horse. Who hasn’t been ridden for 8 weeks. Today is the day I get on her….this may be the only post I make.

Over and out.